A country romance about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human. Love and death become interlaced and with immense consequences.  The fortunes of the people in the country through the horses’ perception.


– Kolbeinn loves Solveig and Solveig loves Kolbeinn but Kolbeinn is in love with his prized possession and darling, the mare Grána and Grána is obsessed with the stallion Brúnn. Spring is coming and the whole community is following the story. This cannot end well.

– Vernhardur is in love with vodka and the horse Jarpur loves Vernhardur, his master. Aboard a Russian trawler is a mate by the name of Gengis who doesn’t have vodka but loves horses like Jarpur. This not going to end well.

– Grimur has a passion for ancient horse roads but Egill admires barbed wire fences. Grimur owns a horse and a pair of pincers and Egill owns a tractor. This cannot end well.

– Johanna loves Raudka, her mare, but Raudka is in love with freedom. On the heath by an old summer cottage lies an injured old man. This could have a happy ending.

– Juan Camillo loves life and nature and is seeking God in the Icelandic highlands but the horse Old Piebald is tired and longs for rest. How will this end?

Well, it all ends in the autumn when the horses are herded and men and horses become one great strand of excitement. The autumn round-up of the horses unifies theme, place, objects, time and characters into an ensemble film.


Of Horses and Men is a ensamble film. The unity of the film is based on the tema, the place ,the object, the karakters, the time and the event witch brings everything together: The Round-Up






Benedikt Erlingsson is one of the most talented theatre directors to come out of Iceland. He has been decorated with every award there is to win in the world of the theatre. His productions during the past decade have enjoyed exceptionally long runs, with almost every performance being sold out. Benedikt has written and directed two short films, Thanks and The Nail, which have undoubtedly put him on the film-making map. Both films have travelled around the festival circuit and won awards, including Special Mention at The International Short Film Festival Clermont Ferrand, one of the most important and prestigious short film festivals in the world. With these two short films, Benedikt has proven his ability to transfer his talents into a different medium: cinema. Benedikt’s first feature film, Of Horses and Men, is about his passion in life, th horse, and the bond between man and horse. The script projects the force and intelligence in Benedikt’s work and his idiosyncratic voice. The audience will enjoy a powerful experience where dynamism, lyricism and great humour are intertwined in a fascinating relationship. The main protagonists of the film are horses, with their vigor and beauty. The Icelandic horse adds to the commercial appeal of this art house film. The Icelandic horse is a special breed of extreme genetic purity. Its popularity abroad is ever increasing, as witnessed by the growth of special clubs dedicated to the breed, regular world championships and sizable populations in Europe and North America. Benedikt has chosen his collaborators intelligently: well-known actors and a cinematographer and production designer who both have vast experience. The producers strongly believe in this project, which will certainly strike a different note and lead to the discovery of a new voice.

Friðrik Þór Friðriksson                                                                                                                                                                                           


Benedikt Erlingsson, Writer and Director